Which Volkswagen Cars and SUVs Come With All-Wheel Drive?

January 11th, 2017 by

2017 VW models with all-wheel drive

If you are looking for the ideal Volkswagen then you may be wondering, which models come with the 4MOTION all-wheel drive VW system? Read on to discover all the 2017 VW models with all-wheel drive. Find the Volkswagen all-wheel drive car or SUV that’s right for you!

Volkswagen SUVs with all-wheel drive

Volkswagen knows how to build SUVs, and that’s why 4MOTION all-wheel drive is a feature across the entire VW SUV lineup.


2017 Tiguan

The Tiguan is a powerful SUV in its own right, but with 4MOTION, it becomes even more adventurous. VW has made 4MOTION all-wheel drive an optional feature across the entire Tiguan lineup. This way you can drive the way you want to.

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2017 Touareg

This is a no nonsense luxury SUV that is ready to perform, and that’s why the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system from Volkswagen comes standard on every trim level of this SUV. Put that V6 power to good use with 4MOTION in your Touareg.

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Volkswagen cars with all-wheel drive

Volkswagen has a complete lineup of vehicles with a whole lot to offer. On top of that, VW recognizes that SUVs shouldn’t be the only vehicles to get the 4MOTION all-wheel drive treatment. Take a look at these amazing all-wheel drive cars from VW.

Golf R

2017 Golf R

Performance means putting power to the road. Though the Golf R may not be designed for going off-road, it certainly is designed for speed. Time and time again getting the most speed out of a car has meant going to all-wheel drive, and that’s why the Golf R has 4MOTION standard.

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Golf Alltrack

Golf Alltrack

The next step up from the SportWagen in the realm of VW wagons is the Golf Alltrack. As its name implies, it has Volkswagen 4MOTION all-wheel drive as a standard feature. Equipped for the outdoors and ready for any adventure, the Alltrack will take you places.

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Golf SportWagen

Golf SportWagen

For a real sporty feel, the Golf Sportwagen has a specific trim designed to give you the all-wheel drive performance and handling that you desire. If you want to put a little more sport in your SportWagen, then get the S 4MOTION trim that features all-wheel drive power standard.

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