New Volkswagen Technology for 2017 Models

May 8th, 2017 by

New Volkswagen Technology for 2017 Models

With many new technological advances, the 2017 Volkswagen models are some of the most user-friendly vehicles on the road. Features such as Driver Assistance, Blind Spot Monitor, and Rear Traffic Alert ensure your safety and peace of mind every time you’re on the road.

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Keep Your Family Safer with Volkswagen Technology

Volkswagen has seven available driving assistance features that are designed to make your driving experience easier, and safer. The road can be one of the more unpredictable places in our world, but with the Forward Collision Warning system, your Volkswagen can sense when the vehicle in front of you suddenly hits their brakes, or even if you’re headed towards a collision. If your system does detect anything, you will see and hear an alert letting you know that you should start pressing the brakes. If for some reason you do not react fast enough, your Volkswagen can help apply the brakes for you with its Autonomous Emergency Braking system.

Technology That Fits Your Driving Preferences

The Adaptive Cruise Control feature on new Volkswagen models helps to keep your vehicle a safe, and preset distance away from the car ahead of you while using cruise control. Simply set a distance that you feel comfortable with, and using its sensors, your Volkswagen will stay that far behind the car in front of you even if it speeds up or slows down. Also, with the Lane Departure Warning system, you won’t ever need to worry about drifting into another lane while cruising down the highway. Your Volkswagen will be able to detect when you begin to drift into a different lane without using your turn signal, and it will then take the appropriate actions to get itself back into the correct lane. Pair this with the Blind Spot Monitoring System, and you’ll never need to worry about running into anybody in the lane next to you ever again.

Parking Made Easier

The new Volkswagen models come with some great features that help guide you while you’re parking your vehicle, as well as when you’re backing out of a parking stall. The available Parking Steering Assistant has the ability to tell whether or not your vehicle is going to fit in a certain parking spot. Then, when you activate the feature, it will help to steer your vehicle into place while you operate the gas, brake, and shifter. The Park Distance Control feature uses sensors in the front and back of your VW to help you back out of any parking spot. Audible signals will alert you to how much space you have behind you while parking and backing out of your spot. Paired with the Rear Traffic Alert system, you’ll always know everything that is behind you as you’re backing up.

If you want to learn more about the great technology that make the 2017 Volkswagen models amazing, check out the technology section of our blog. Also, if it’s time for you or someone that you know to get into a new Volkswagen, stop by or give us here at Stevens Creek Volkswagen a call and we’ll set up a test drive to get you on the way to owning a brand new vehicle.

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