Future Electric and Hybrid Vehicles From VW

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New Volkswagen Jetta

Does Volkswagen make a hybrid for 2017?

Volkswagen is making a big push toward the future of automotive technology. By exploring new powertrain options such as hybrid and electric, VW will continue its trend of being on the cutting edge of technology. But what about right now? Does Volkswagen make a hybrid for 2017?

Is there a 2017 Jetta Hybrid?

In previous years, the VW Jetta was available with a hybrid drivetrain. For 2017 that is being phased out, but probably not for good. Volkswagen is in the midst of re-sorting its model lineups, and instead of continuing with the Jetta Hybrid for 2017, Volkswagen has instead opted to remove the option from its lineup so it can focus its efforts on newer hybrid and electric technology.

Where can you charge your e-Golf on the West Coast?

Future hybrid vehicles for Volkswagen

Make no mistake, the Volkswagen commitment to electrification is huge. You need only look to the e-Golf to see evidence of that. In a world where most car companies don’t make electric cars at all, and the few that do make them boring and bland, the e-Golf is proving the electric can be done differently. These sporty and fun cars are sure to tug the corners of your mouth back into a smile.

Volkswagen isn’t planning on skipping a step either. Soon there will be hybrids and plug-in hybrids taking to the market. Though no formal announcements have been made regarding such technologies in actual VW production models, the Golf GTE may perhaps be taking point on this, and with the recent unveiling of the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept, the commitment from VW is obvious.

Volkswagen Golf GTE SportWhat is the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept?

The Golf GTE Sport concept is a plug-in hybrid. This means you can either drive it as a hybrid or as an all-electric. The all-electric range is limited to just over 30 miles, however, when you run out of charge, the gas engine kicks in, and you are still good to go. Not only can you plug this car in, but you can also fill it up at any gas station.

2017 VW e-Golf range

Where the Golf GTE Sport concept really shines is in the performance department. With 395 horsepower, 494 torque, and a top speed of 174 mph, this is far from your typical hybrid. Whether or not this sleek machine will make it to the street remains to be seen, but we sure hope it does.

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