San Jose Romantic Restaurants

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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day restaurants in San Jose CA

Are you looking for a romantic restaurant for a wonderful date this Valentine’s Day? Look to our guide for Valentine’s Day restaurants in San Jose, CA. Or perhaps it isn’t Valentine’s Day and you are just looking to provide a surprise for your significant other, either way our guide can help.

Romantic Restaurants in the Santa Clara Valley

The meal may just be the most important part of Valentine’s Day, or any romantic evening for that matter. So take your date to one of the premier restaurants in the San Jose area. Follow our guide to learn what food you two are destined to eat.

Grand View Restaurant

Are you looking for a meal with a view? Look out over the city from the beautiful Mt. Hamilton. Whether you eat on the balcony or next to a window, your night will be filled with wonderful view, great company, and amazing farm fresh food, much of which is grown right on site. With an extensive dessert menu, your stomach will not leave empty either.

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Paesano Ristorante Italiano

Italian food may just be the perfect food to put romance in the air. Breathe in the authentic Italian cooking at this local romantic hotspot. Take your palate on a trip through Italy with dishes like Tortellini Capricciosi and Spaghetti Bolognese. With so many Italian options, you and your date will have a Valentine’s Day worth remembering.

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 Le Papillon

Italian may be the food of love, but French is the language of love, so maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit, and enjoy some authentic French cuisine at Le Papillon, where every dinner and every entrée is prepped and plated with absolute care and attention to detail. Here the chefs are artists, and your plate is their canvas.

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When is Valentine’s Day for 2017

In case you didn’t know, Valentine’s Day always falls on the 14th of February. This means it doesn’t always align with the weekends. This year for example, Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday. So make sure you plan ahead. That special day is rapidly approaching.

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